City Arts Magazine – February 2017 Volume 11 Number 6

“Listening to KEXP’s Sonarchy program late one Sunday night, I was shocked to hear what I swore was Phish launching into one of their patented, loose-but-tight space-jam excursions. Turns out I was actually hearing a live set by Seattle band Swindler, an improve-heavy ‘funk jazz fusion” quartet that’s been playing around the city since 2013. For some people, that mix-up will be a warning; for others, a siren song. Because whatever secret ingredient is inside Phish’s special sauce, Swindler is cooking with it too.”

Nectar Lounge – Seattle November 2017

“..Amazing jazz, funk and psychedelic rock fusion group!”

The Stranger – February 2017

“Fusing jazz,soul,funk and blues into a sonic monstrosity..”